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Three Suburbans, $150, need work

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And you haven't bought them yet??? that sounds like a good deal to me.
Definetely worth checking out! I would be interested in one of those maybe for parts.

You gonna buy them?
I don't have plans to, no. I have two Suburbans now, what I need is more attachments.

Of course, if someone wanted the tractors and had stuff to trade... I do have a trailer for transport.
probably too complicated, though.
****! I need that starter/gen cover off the Briggs!!!!
2 Tecumsehs, one Briggs. The price is cheap enough, I would get them for parts machines if I were you
easy money to be made there if they where any where near me i would be going to get them , 50 each , hear they will bring 70-100 for scarp , i know cuz i have bought them and had to weigh them across the scales its easy buy them and stirp them for parts tractorsand scarp the rest or bulid 1 or 2 out of the 3
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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