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Thoughts on 50" Deck

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Below is the deck that came with my 332. As you can see, the front right side is in pretty rough shape. It's missing the support plate on that side, is bent backwards, and looks as though someone has beat out a section to clear the blade because of the bend. So I guess my question: Is this worth trying to repair, or should I be looking for another deck (or deck shell)? I have been looking around a bit, and it seems most other decks I'm finding aren't in much better shape. What has been your collective experience with this? Any thoughts on the replacement 48C?

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I would take that to a local metal shop and I'd bet for $75 - $125 they fix you right up. A 48 inch replacement used is going to go $500 and a used 50 inch deck will run you $250 - $450 depending on condition. The 50 inch deck has an amazing cut the 48 inch deck is good but not like the 50 inch deck!
Thanks for the feedback on the cuts between the two. I have been wondering about that.

So, it seems like most think I should go about repairing the existing deck. So, my next question would be: Has anyone made any mods to strengthen the deck on this side? If so, pictures would be great. I was thinking of maybe adding some round bar to the bottom, similar to what's on my 4110's deck. Not that I plan on running into things, but this seems to be an inherently weak spot of the deck based on the others I've seen with roughly the same problem.
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I have a 50" deck on my 318 and its cuts beautifully.
On yours, besides the dented portion it looks to be in decent shape. If it was me I would fix it up, amazing what a little heat, hammer and paint will do.

Thanks for the pictures Blown67. Yes, the deck is in pretty good shape otherwise. The bearings seem to spin free and quiet by hand and other than surface rust, is pretty solid. Amazing, considering it's been just sitting outside unused for 12 years or so.

PS, if you ever want to stop by and give me a ride in that Chevelle, let me know. :D
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Yes unfortunately with the opening on the discharge there any bump on the housing at that point tends to push it back and the blade will grab it pretty quick! Your idea sound about as good as any I've heard and I just normally take one of my persuaders out and put things back in place!
Excuse the crappy photo, but I was thinking about something like this...


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Thanks for the pictures Larry. Those look like some good ideas. I really like the discharge shoot brace.
Take it to a local shop and have them fix it. Spend a few dollars and save your time trying to fix it and doing it half arshed unless of course you know how to heat, shape, and weld metal well....
I've got a few connections in that department. :fing02:
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