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Thoughts on 2009 21" Snapper Hi Vacs

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Hello all- This is my 1st time on here. I am torn right now between 3 mowers. I don't mow lawns for a living, but do mow a couple of neighbors right now as well as my own. I currently have a 12 year old Honda with the GXV140 engine. It runs ok, but really labors through the heavy St. Augustine grass here in FL. I'm open for thoughts anyone has for the following 3 mowers I've been looking at. They are the Honda Commercial HRC216K3HXA, Toro's 22188 with Kawisaki's KAI engine, or Snapper's commercial hi vac with the Kawasaki engine. There is also the Metro 21 (same as the Toro) but I don't think it has the "kickers" mounted under the deck for mulching like the Toro has. One thing I question is why Honda went from aluminum to steel deck material. Cost? OK - let me have it!
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