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Those darn bolts and nuts!!

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Been working on my Suburban tearing it down. Just wondering how hard it must have been to assemble one of these on a line in factory. Every bolt on this thing has a NUT and seems like in impossible places at times. You have to remove things just to get to next part and reach those bolts/nuts. How hard would it have been to just have Nuts welded on to panels and frame parts like most items have. Would have been quicker assembly to and saved time/money in factory I would think. Some that REALLY got to me were big 3/8" bolts that nuts came off, but then the bolt wouldn't push out because something else still needed to come off first! Sheesh! Maybe I'll have to weld on some of those nuts before I paint, just to make it all easier on assembly. :Disgus::Disgus::1106:
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Saturn like this ? I bolted it all together on the jack. Randy shame on you.... Just kidding.

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Holy moly Small Fry that looks great. You are really doing a first-class job there with the coated hardware and such. Can't wait to see that beauty done. Does this model have the steel bracket that bolts on top of the transaxle, which attaches the whole mess to the chassis? If so, there is an easy way to get it reinstalled. Let me know and I'll backtrack my notes.

That motorcycle stand looks perfect for the job. Wish I'd had that instead of a floor jack.

That is my SS/16 I did 5 years ago. I'll post a picture in Hugh Suburban pictrue thread but you must of seen it by now.
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