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This year I would like to buy a small tractor for the wife

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The last couple of years I've been thinking about a small tractor for the wife. I like the sun-runner from simplicity because of the built in wagon. I think she would have a hard time steering though. With the rear steering.

She would be using it mostly for spring planting and flower bed maintenance. God knows she can't back up a wagon.

So is there a small girl tractor with a built in wagon that could also maybe have a blower and be hydro-stat with electric start. A must for her, there would be no way she could pull start it.

I'm not interested in new, no $$. But I would be rebuilding it.
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A Serf 535 would be ok. They did have an electric start option on those. A Yeoman would work for her too. Consider a repower with a 110v starter you would connect with an extension cord.

The earliest small frame Simplicity with a hydro would be a 4212, or something in that era.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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