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This year I would like to buy a small tractor for the wife

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The last couple of years I've been thinking about a small tractor for the wife. I like the sun-runner from simplicity because of the built in wagon. I think she would have a hard time steering though. With the rear steering.

She would be using it mostly for spring planting and flower bed maintenance. God knows she can't back up a wagon.

So is there a small girl tractor with a built in wagon that could also maybe have a blower and be hydro-stat with electric start. A must for her, there would be no way she could pull start it.

I'm not interested in new, no $$. But I would be rebuilding it.
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I'm not set with simplicity, I like the JRCO cart, nice Idea and would allow for her to back up and it opens up the tractor market to.

She will need to find it "cute" The size of the 4hp penn in my gallery would be good for her. The bad part about the penn is no electric start and its a 3 speed she has problems with.

A newer version of the simplicity surf would be great, if it was hydro, is anyone making or made something like that?
I've thought about a 4200 series also, it would work good with the 6200. Alot of cross over in parts.
The hole cart thing has got my head spinning with ideas.
Like this one?

She would love the bench seat, thats a hyro, huh...Nope not that one its a vari-drive. It is a neat though.
Its cool there is no doubt about it. If its hyro and I agree with you that it is, It could be prefect. How hard is it to get parts?
Mr. Green I would love a reason to come up your way and see all your toys. That type of cart would work great.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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