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This year I would like to buy a small tractor for the wife

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The last couple of years I've been thinking about a small tractor for the wife. I like the sun-runner from simplicity because of the built in wagon. I think she would have a hard time steering though. With the rear steering.

She would be using it mostly for spring planting and flower bed maintenance. God knows she can't back up a wagon.

So is there a small girl tractor with a built in wagon that could also maybe have a blower and be hydro-stat with electric start. A must for her, there would be no way she could pull start it.

I'm not interested in new, no $$. But I would be rebuilding it.
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What I suggest is if You want to stay with Simplicity any of the Current Models can take the Turbo wide Body cart and several Older models as well which has caster wheels and the Cart stay straight in line with the tractor or any Deere since the Mid 1990's LX100,LX200 ect the STX and LT100 series are the Only tractors That won't except the MC519 Cart But even JRCO makes a Universal Mounting version of the MC519 Cart I think either of those Carts will Cover Your Need for a Built In wagon I believe they are Both Made By JRCO anyways:thThumbsU
I Bought My wife a Cub Cadet 2206 in 2002 she Mows and Tills with It But she also does the Maintenance and Changes the attachments Herself and I Killed the Dump cart for it Years ago Carrying Landscape timbers. So a Older 2000 series Cubs would also Be a Good Fit and You could Probably Mount one of those JRCO carts On it. As soon as Cub Starts Making a 30inch Hydraulic tiller for the Current Cub 2000 Series My wife Plans On trading the Cub In on a Newer Cub GT2100(Cub Plans To have a New tiller for it This Coming spring 2012 or so that's what MTD Corp Told Me):thThumbsU
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