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This is how I sell on CL

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I've started selling on CL again. I got this mower from a church member and cleaned it up. I priced it to sell quickly.
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I try not to be pushy. A few things I've learned is you want bigger more detailed pictures. I upload to photobucket and use there HTML function. You want 1-2 minutes worth of reading. Keeping them on the add longer gives them more time to think about and convince themselves. A lot of people look at craigslist for fun. 1-2 minutes allows them to eat some conflakes and sip coffee. Clean your mower, I spent about 2 hours getting this one ready to go. It was in good shape to begin with. And most of all Do not misrepresent your items and never be dishonest. I'm careful to only say the truth.

You also want to leave negative words and phrases out of your add. Like "no tire kickers", "don't offer me $5 because I won't take it", "if your not serious don't call", etc. One thing they tell us in leasing homes is never say no. Answer the question anyway you like but do it without saying no. The key is remain positive.

I had trouble selling my 10525 for $150 it took weeks. You might be better off trying your luck with ebay. The 10525 is popular on ebay.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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