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This is how I sell on CL

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I've started selling on CL again. I got this mower from a church member and cleaned it up. I priced it to sell quickly.
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Thanks for the ad ideas. I'm planning on listing one of my 10525s on CL soon, and that looks like a good ad.

One thing I'm going to add in my listing is something to the order of , "Serious inquiries only. If it's more than you're willing to spend, pass on it...Don't waste time with a lowball offer."
I work for a car dealership, and we get tons of emails from people shooting ridiculous offers on cars. Most are near half what we've listed them for! I mean, really...Are we that desperate or stupid?
I'd like to throw some sort of "no tire kickers" disclaimer in our vehicle ads, but people might misinterpret that as rude, and it may cost us a sale, so my boss declined the idea.
So not to detract from this thread's topic too much, but what do you think a near-mint 10525 is worth? I doubt it has more than 80-100 hours on it.
I don't need to sell it, but if I get good money for it, I'll let it go. I have plenty of mowers and since I have a couple multiples, I figure I'd get rid of some of the "twins".
Hard to say without a picture.

There is a guy in Milwaukee that will be all over you once listed on C/L. You will see it on Ebay in a few hours after selling it. Paint will be touched up, full tune-up, carb rebuilt, and sharpened blade. It will be listed as from his private collection. :fing20:

I don't have pics yet, but it is nice. As nice as most members' machines here. Clean enough to eat off of, and the muffler is still bright and shiny.

Good to know about C/L. That's why I'm going to get top buck for it or keep it. I don't want someone to come in and lowball me only to flip it for a quick buck. If he pays me what I want, and then flips it, that's his business though.
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