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This is how I sell on CL

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I've started selling on CL again. I got this mower from a church member and cleaned it up. I priced it to sell quickly.
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For CL, I always include my phone number, and indicate that I prefer not to answer emails due to spam, etc. Or, they can send an email with their phone number in it so I can call them. That has cut down on the tire kickers and the obvious "phishers" out there.

I don't know about other folks, but if I see "firm" in the ad, it is an immediate turn off. I think it's fair to assume some people want to bargain a little, so add a little cushion in there. Almost always I will come down on my price, but sometimes I won't budge - if there has been a lot of interest for example. Either way, I never write, "firm" in my ads.

It's funny when you see things like, " $x FIRM or best offer"....hmmm?
I sold my completely reconditioned 10525 for $530 on ebay this year. That is right about what I expected based on some ebay prices I saw last year.

On CL, I would have advertised mine for $400-$450. Around here, that might have taken a while to sell, but I think it would.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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