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This is getting old :(

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As you know I purchased a new brass float and installed it and had to make a few adjustments.......after a bit got it running and starting really good.
That only lasted until the next time I wanted to use it...............right back to square one now:banghead3It starts up and idles fairly good...move the throttle up a little and still runs, but any more and it just runs then starts to bog down and the governor tries to keep it going but fails.
I blew out the passages, tried adjusting the float up and down and all with the same results...I was tempted to try a BFH but held off on that as a last resort.
I am open to ideas as I don't have any idea what to look at next. I have not touched the fuel pump as I really don't think that is the problem? [float bowl is about 3/4 full when I take the top off and the clear gas filter is always full ] I blew the line out from the carb. back to the tank and when I start it the filter fills back up right away.

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CHECK YOUR FUEL FILTER!!! My 18/6 has issues because there is crap in my tank- I have cleaned it twice, still has crap in it-

If you don't have a clear filter, get one... Mount it close to the carb, and when it starts to die watch the fuel filter to see if it sucks up a bunch of crap and gets clogged. Thats what happened to by 18/6- filter would clog up, carb would run out of gas, motor would shut off, crap would float back to the tank... crank it over, gas would flow though the filter filling the bowl, run fine, and it would run for like 3-5 minutes and die again... It took me several hours to figure out what was happening because the crap would float back to the tank every time the tractor shut off.

what I ended up doing to fix it was run it till it started to bog and die, quickly shut it off, and yank the filter out before the gas drained back to the tank- shake the crud out of filter, reinstall, and go till it happenened again... Took 4 or 5 times to get it pretty clean, but that is the first thing i look at now.
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