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This is getting old :(

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As you know I purchased a new brass float and installed it and had to make a few adjustments.......after a bit got it running and starting really good.
That only lasted until the next time I wanted to use it...............right back to square one now:banghead3It starts up and idles fairly good...move the throttle up a little and still runs, but any more and it just runs then starts to bog down and the governor tries to keep it going but fails.
I blew out the passages, tried adjusting the float up and down and all with the same results...I was tempted to try a BFH but held off on that as a last resort.
I am open to ideas as I don't have any idea what to look at next. I have not touched the fuel pump as I really don't think that is the problem? [float bowl is about 3/4 full when I take the top off and the clear gas filter is always full ] I blew the line out from the carb. back to the tank and when I start it the filter fills back up right away.

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Clean your plugs, and check to make sure you have strong spark.
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