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IH=International Harvester or In Hand
BFH=Big Freaking Hammer-yes I was being nice
KIWF=Kill It With Fire

I'll be back with more.

Run ahead of the pack
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AKA = Also Known As.

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here's one from my other life
JEEP - Just Empty Every Pocket

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WTH = what da' heck
WT F = what da' frigg

use generously when loosing skin on your fingers - when working on tough repairs, or in tight places...

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Noice- originally posted as a typo by Hugh, now catching on as the proper way to say "Nice"
(Props when they are due, Hugh! :fing32:)

P.S., not actually an acronym, but should be recognized.

P.P.S- P.S. meant post script, and P.P.s means Post Post Script LOL ROF LMAO

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GTDT- get the duct tape.

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Re: The acronym list is in!

Here is the "just completed/updated list" of acronyms as of today, 02/10/2011. I hope this list helps others like it has helped me!

*** = what the "wink-wink"
3PH = Three Point Hitch
4WD = Four wheel drive
AG = Agricultural (tires)
AKA = Also Known As
ATV = All Terrain Vehicle
AWS = All wheel Steer
BBC = Blade Brake Control; found on walk behind mowers
BH = Backhoe
BRT = Big Round Thing
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center; related to engine timing
BTW = by the way
CC = Cadet Cub Brand
CUT = Compact Utility Tractor
DEFCON 1 = Divorce is emminent, no more purchases (for awhile)
DEFCON 2 = Tractor or Accessory purchase was major, but a suitable alternative purchase is in the works for the wife. Divorce can be averted
DEFCON 3 = Wife is suspicious and is nosing around in places looking for my "New" purchases
DEFCON 4 = Wife is asking "questions" not normal to everyday discussions.
DEFCON 5 = Normal situation, wife is completely unaware of any activities.
ECU = Engine Control Unit
FEL = Front End Loader
FI / EFI = Fuel Injection / Electronic Fuel Injection
FT-lbs = foot pounds of torque
FUBAR = Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FWD = four wheel drive or Front wheel drive
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FYI = For your information
GT = Garden tractor
GTDT = Get the duct tape
HD = Home Depot or Heavy Duty
HDAP = Heavy Duty, All Purpose (tires)
HFWD = Hydraulic Full-time 4Wheel Drive
HSIS = Holy $#!) it started!
HTH = Hope This Helps!
Hydro = Hydrostatic (transaxle)
IDGAF = Umm, you figure that one, please
IDK = I Don't Know
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion or In my honest opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IN-lbs = Inch pounds of torque
JD = John Deere Brand
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
LT = Lawn tractor
MFWD = Mechanical Four/Front Wheel Drive (versus hydraulic/hydrostatic)
MMB = Mid Mount Blade
MMM = Mid Mount Mower
MMTB = More Money Than Brains
MTF = My Tractor forum
NAB = Need another beer
NLA = No Longer Available
NOS = New Old Stock
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OP = Original post/poster
OSIBI = Oh $#!), I broke it!
PITA = Pain in the "arse"
PHD = Post hole digger
PK = Power King Brand
PO = Previous Owner
RER = Rear Engine Rider
RIO = Reverse Implement Option
ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my A** off
ROPS = Roll Over Protection System
RWS = Rear wheel steer
SNAFU = Situation Normal; All [email protected]#ed Up!
SP = Self propelled , walk behind mower
SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed
TDC = Top Dead Center; related to engine timing
TLB = Tractor-Loader-Backhoe
TPH = Three oint hitch
TSC = Tractor Supply Company
TSTAT - Thermostat
UT = Ugly Tractor
UTV = Utility Vehicle
WOT = wide open throttle
WTB = Wanted to buy
WTH = What da' heck
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

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SBL - Standard Blood Loss. A unit measure for blood lost from knuckles etc, when trying to remove bolts that were first fixed in place by Moses or his grandpa.

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you forgot
"awsome"= Gravely
"ngpj"= nasty green paintjob:biglaugh::hide:

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Idk .............i dont know

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OMGIJBMT= Oh My Goodness I Just Broke My Tractor.

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IDF = I drive Fords!

Usually used to follow a name on a business card, like MD or MBA. Reserved for good hard-working blue collar types like my dad who never went to college but has been running his own carpet business for 40 years.

For example:

(Note: Strips and Lays is "tongue in cheek" trade lingo for one who installs tackstrip and lays carpet. It made for a pretty funny story when I told my first grade teacher that my dad "strips and lays" for a living!)


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