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Third function install

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Hi all, I have a new Max 26xl, I bought a 3rd function kit on ebay and need help locating where to connect the power beyond. I went to the dealer today to try to talk with a tech who installed the backhoe but he wasn't to clear on which line it was, he told me try one line off the bucket control if it whines then its the other line, not much help. I tried to find some installation videos online but nothing really helped.

My question. do I feed the 3rd function valve with the power beyond from the loader control assembly where the quick disconnects are, then run a new line from the 3rd function valve (that goes to the tank) to where I took of the power beyond line off? or do I T off the power beyond and run a new line to another T back to the tank? How do I know for sure which line is the power beyond and which goes back to the tank? Not sure how to test either without buying a bunch of fittings and connectors. Thanks
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Power beyond line goes from the loader to the back hoe. You can either insert your 3rd function valve in that line, or connect it to the return port at the hoe and then send the return from the 3rd function back to tank.

Power Beyond > 3rd Function Valve > Back Hoe > Tank


Power Beyond > Back Hoe > 3rd Function Valve > Tank

No Tees allowed in high pressure lines between valve sets or the system will not work. Tees are acceptable in the low pressure return line, but you shouldn't need more than what is already there.

You shouldn't need more than one or two new hoses and the fittings to connect them, depending on where you mount the new valve set.
OK, so I went from the loader valve to the 3rd function valve then to the backhoe. I am using it on a grapple, everything works but I can't curl or lift and close the grapple at the same time. Is there something I'm missing here or maybe I didn't get the right line from the loader valve to the 3rd function? This is the valve I bought,
Is this a diverter valve or do I need to connect it differently? Thanks
Hydraulic fluid is lazy in open center hydraulic systems. It will do the low pressure tasks first. Closing the grapple is a low pressure task until the grapple makes contact.

It takes mucho practice and a deft touch on the controls to get two functions to operate at the same time, or you could spend a lot of extra money to convert to closed center hydraulics which will operate two or more functions at the same time.

The use of a solenoid valve takes the first option out of the equation.
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