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Raised beds provide better drainage, your choice of soil recipe and easier ( after initial couple years ) weeding and vegetable harvesting.

Raised beds are also more expensive than " flat beds " ( not sure that term is garden tested ), aren't easily moved ( tree? shades the garden? Move the bed? ) and need automated drip irrigation for best performance.

Just my humble opinion after 50 years of garden fever.

Can it be done? Sure. If you don't want to reinvent the wheel, google " square foot gardening " and be creative in your soil mix. You don't really need Miracle Grow but you do need manure compost.

Plant one tomato plant for you and one for her. One zucchini plant for each three people, I plant "Astia". More zucchini plants will take over the world. Really. The Berlin Wall was often buried in zucchini crops for climbing over.

Use a trellis for beans, think vertical for everything.

You will not grow enough in a spare corner to carry you over winter. Freeze any surplus, then cook in small batches. Yes you can freeze tomatoes and make sauce. No, frozen tomatoes don't slice worth anything.

Never ask for garden advice on a tractor site. Find your local Master Gardener group through your local Agricultural Agent, check your state's agency list.

Never ask a gardener for advice if you plan to leave within two hours.....
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