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Things are looking up...well sort of.

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Well the JD 300 is finally running good thanks to tractormandan! I got all covers back on it and the chains back on only one problem...NO SNOW!! I know your thinking Utah greatest snow on earth. This year that is not the case we finally got about an inch yesterday, but melted away by noon. Help me break the snow blowing fever and post pics of your rig in the snow! :wwp:
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I am missing the snow too. After reading your thread I thought I would go back in the archives and look at pictures from last year. Twelve months ago I had a Deere down... :crybaby: My 430 had broken a spindle and was sitting in the driveway. It was a sad time, cold too as I repaired it in the driveway.

Now my feelings are mixed on not having snow... :dunno:
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