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I am considering buying the 2354GXLS. It seems to fit my needs in almost every way, but I'm concerned about the tranny and it's ability to handle some hills that I have on my property. Because of that concern, I've been considering the 2146XLS.

I was at the dealer today to discuss the two tractors and was told that the 2354GXLS does have a locking rear diff. He told me that the "X" in the model number indicated that, even though it's not specifically noted in the literature.

I'm skeptical of that because I would think Husky would highlight that feature big time if it were real, but I have also noted a number of discrepancies in the Husky website and literature (as noted on this forum and elsewhere).

Any reference to the tranny for the 2354GXLS has just said either just "hydrostatic" or sometimes a source will say it's "ground engaging" like the 2754 model and a few others. One indicator that the dealer might be right is that the only other tractors that have the "X" in the number are the 2146XLS and the 2346XLS, both of which have the locking rear diff, I think.

Can anyone confirm or deny the claim that any Husky with an "X" in the number has a locking diff?

I'm doing a demo of the 2354GXLS tomorrow, so hopefully I can confirm it myself. If I do, I will report it here.

Thanks for your help.
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