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The winter team... awaiting winter

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Nothing in the forecast, but I'm ready if and when:

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So how do you like that shed? slkpk
It's not bad for the money. As you can see I've made a couple of modifications.

First and foremost, if anyone gets one of these temp shelters the first thing I would do is get a sacrificial tarp to go over the roof. I bolted two 12x16 tarps together and they take the brunt of the weather and sun, protecting the expensive roof on this thing. Left by itself I bet the roof wouldn't last more than a couple years. I saw mine weakening after one year and put the tarps over it. It's been two more years and the roof is holding up.

The second thing I did was replace the little ball and elastic stretchers that keep the roof taught with 4 foot bungie cords anchored to the feet. Works much better and they don't fail nearly as easily.

Last you can see I added strips of corrugated roofing at the bottom sides. This is new so I don't know how well it is going to work, but when I push the snow off the roof, which I do after (or during) every snow storm, it had been pushing the sides of the tent in. I hope this stops most of that.
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Yeah, you're not going to leave the 990 out of the winter games are you?
If I had one more weekend to mess around with it maybe. Had trouble starting her last weekend, so I concentrated on the new Craftsman cab and a few other details for the current snow team. Now the ground is covered with white, so I don't know if I'll be out back working. My weekend plan right now is Patriots game on Saturday, burning season starts Sunday!
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1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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