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The twelve days of case-mas.....

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On the first day of case-mas my parts guy gave to me, some parts to a case gt
on the second day of case-mas, some old guy gave to me, 2 snow blowers
on the third day of case-mas, someone gave to me, 3 3pt hitches
on the fourth day of case-mas, bad luck gave to me, 4 flat tires
on the fifth day of case-mas, some one sold to me, 5 Gt's!!!!!
on the sixth day of case-mas, some one gave to me, 6 calling projects
on the seventh day of case-mas, if found, 7 tillers tilling
on the eight day of case-mas, the snow gave to me, 8 plowers plowing
on the ninth day of case-mas my true love gave to me, a limit of nine gts
on the tenth day of case-mas, more bad luck gave to me, 10 horse power engine blown
on the elevnth day of case-mas, a dealer gave to me, 11 ag tires
on the twelth day of case-mas, someone gave to me, 12 sleeve hitches

Merry case-mas and a happy case collecting new year :thThumbsU
:thanku: for all the hellp you guys gave me :thanku:
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Are you willing the sell the extra ag tire? Or do you have a Case tricycle?
Oh, swell! One more chessy secular Christmas song!:D
OK, I looked up secular. But chessy? Chessy? Is that somewhere between checkers and chess? Or the stage name of a brass pole dance specialist? (who's working her way through med school)

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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