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The "Seized" Husqvarna 141 Chainsaw journey

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Scrolling through eBay looking for parts, decided to look at some broken stuff, and came across this-sans the bar:

Description stated it was seized. Ok... figured if anything I could cannibalize it for parts if need be.

Pulled the muffler, piston looks REALLY good. Like brand new almost. I think it was used, then sat for who knows how long because the "bar oil" didn't look anything like bar oil. So, shot WD-40 into the cylinder (not sure why I thought that was a good idea, then again I ran out of MMO), let it sit overnight, came back and....still locked up. Ok, let's try ATF.

Well...THAT(and some persuasion) finally broke it loose. Got it to spin fairly easy with the plug out, had compression so I figured "let me throw a bar on it and just see if it'll pop.

And here's the outcome(well...more like the initial dive-in and outcome).

Only thing I can say is, I'm amazed it runs as good as it does. I need to figure out why the chainbrake isn't working, but the oiler works-given it had who knows how old bar oil laying in the tank-, and it idles(seems a bit high to me but I can't find the adjustment screw for that and I don't want to mess with the hi/lo screws if I don't have to).

Probably going to get a bar for it this weekend and let it finish burning off the ATF-hopefully the neighbors don't mind..
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Well that didn't last long.

My neighbor borrowed it while I worked on his 024, and it seized up again when he tried restarting it. It sounds like the piston is hitting against something, I got it to run again but it seized up solid. Looking up a piston I've found an entire piston/jug/crankshaft setup for $40(I know, it's cheap and of questionable quality) but I figure if I can redo all of that it'll be a good saw again. Plus I've never actually torn down a saw and rebuilt one so it'll be a good learning experience for me.
Almost always an air leak is the cause of problems. Failure to fix will burn up the new parts in short order. The most common causes are fuel lines sucking air, intake boots sucking air or crank seals. A saw that idles high and changes rpm when oriented different orientations is a tell or carb adjustments don't make much of a difference.
Looking at it closer I can see where the piston stops moving at a certain point when spinning the flywheel. I'm planning to go through the entire thing and replace any seals/fuel lines, etc.
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