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The second Massey

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I posted about my first tractor/Massey in the barn section, How ever no one seems intrested there. I'll try it again with the story of my second Massey here.

The second Massey was a 1952 44 diesel special. It was at the same JD dealer but inside a big building. About two weeks after I had gotten the first massey home the dealer called and told me about it and asked if I wanted it. I said Not at that price so he said he would let it go for $250.00. I told him I would come Saturday morning to look at it. I got there On Saturday, was led to a big shed behind the main office. There is sat all faded, but it had good hubs a PTO shaft and those heavy cast iron centers the rim bolts to with farly good tires.
I asked him to start it and he said it was seized up but couldn't be to bad as they had started and drove it into the shed a couple of years ago.
I told him I had just lost intrest because I didn't have the time to spend on it. He said they were going to take it and a bunch of other stuff to a big machinery auction in St Louis Michigan on Wednesday so call If I changed my mind.
Kare jawed at me all week about the parts I needed for first Massey and not having a bunch of luck at any salvage yards in our area. to late to get it at the dealer ship I made arrangemments to go to work late on Friday and go the the auction probably get it for a better price too cause it wouldn't start.

At the auction I was sure I would get it at $150.00 then a guy near by said the tires are worth more than that so the bid went to 175 then to 200 then some one else bit 225 and I said 250 and the auctioneer said sold.

I had let the plates on my truck lapses as I wasn't useing it and had no plans on it till spring. I browwed my dads truck and brother in laws trailer to go get it. That turned out to be a huge ruined week end. First off the come along broke when the tractor was half on the trailer all the weight on the back of the trailer lifted the back of the 2 wheel drive truck off the ground. I was stuck late on a Saturday afternoon and couldn't release the come along brake to let the tractor off the truck, couldn't unhook the trailer and 7 miles out side of town. I go to the house across the road and ask if I could use the phone to call a tow truck. Fellow asked what was the problem so I told him. He said to wait for a minute and he would go and see if he could fix my problem, no he didn't have a come along.

He got ready then told me to follow him to the grarage where his 4x4 truck was parked. He thru a chain in the back and we drove across the road to my mess.
He looked it over and said he thought if I could steer the tractor he could pull it the rest of the way on the trailer.
It worked, Yea now I could head for home after I fed my bride at a resturnat near by. The whole thing took over 6 hours to get there and get loaded.
Wait the day isn't finished.
About an hour and a half from home I look in the mirror to see rubber tire parts flying off the right side of the trailer and it is getting close to dark. I find a wide spot, a drive way into a field and put the trailer in there and look at the tire and write down the size. A leaf spring is broke and sticking out where it rubbed on the tire.
I go home and Sunday Morning call every tire store around for a tire. Any that were open didn't have that odd size but could get me one on Tuesday. then I remembered a coworkers son worked at a tire store In St Johns So I called the coworker who called his son. He called me back and said they had a tire at the store and the son would meet me at the trailer just down the road 20 or so miles from him.
I drove over there and waited for a little bit for the son to arrive, his dad was with him. We jacked up the trailer removed the rim then the son when to work on the old remains of the tire. He got the old stuff off while i beat the spring back in place, by the time I got the spring back in place and wired so it couldn't pop back out againest the tire he was ready to install the rim back in the axel.
Once every thing was finished up I paid the 115.00 for the tire and service call, insurance wouldn't pay the service call because it was for a trailer and not my truck. At home finally Sunday afternoon late I unloaded the tractor. Monday I bought a new leaf spring $45.00.
Today I still have a stuck 44 diesel specal as I just haven't had the desire or time to fool with it. Some day thoiugh maybe. I didn't use any of the parts either so it is still a complete tractor.

top picture.

Bottom is my 101 JR. another story.
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Cool story, i've had many of those, "simple" stories over the years, sure makes you appreciate when things do go right:fing32:

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