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The right GT for Me?

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Hello all, thank you in advance as I signed up to pick the brains of those more experienced than myself about garden tractors. I like the looks of the older tractors and I am interested in the value that they represent, is that is where I have been focused. Where I live I do not have the chance to see or operate any examples, I will end up buying something farther away and having a family member pick it up for me most likely.

To start with I have an in town lot so I want to get as much tractor as I can without getting too much tractor. My lot is large, about 1/3 of a block so when I get the grass in next summer I will need an able mower. I have a large north facing drive so I would like to be able to move snow quickly. We have a lot of snow events however it is seldom deep enough to need a blower I would prefer a blade or a sweeper. In a perfect world I would also be able to fit a small front end loader and or a transport tray on a three point. I have a garage and tools and do not mind working on my machines but I do not have a machine shop and do not want to spend all of my time working on my machines. ;)

I like the Case 442/4/6 series because they have hydraulic lift for blade/mower, look good, have three point available, and go for reasonable prices. Would the Case be a good tractor for me or should I look for something else?
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Thanks for the reply's, :) I will have a look at the Bolens, so far the ones I have seen for sale have been in rough shape.

I did not ask in the Case section because I figured that I would be less likely to get critical feedback there.

I worked at a Case IH dealership through out high school and did all the grounds maintenance. Ironically however I did it all with a four wheel drive Ford and a small fleet of grey market Kubotas.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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