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The rebirth of a friend!!!! and some questions

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Ok so my cub cadet 1250 has been broken and i thought i was going to have to give her up because fixing costs would put me underwater. But today i got news that she was fixed and only for 150 dollars!!!1:drunkie: Now she works GREAT. But i now have a few questions...1. what HP is the engine?, I no its not important but i was told by some its 12hp but the engine says 16 written in marker. 2. whats my towing capacity around in pounds? 3. how much snow can i plow with a blade about? :thanku: thanks alot guys and girls!
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1. 12 Horsepower
2. You'll lose traction before you max out the pulling capacity
3. The wide frames could use a 42'' or 54'' plow

Hope this helps
Your 1250 was originally equipped with a 12 Kohler engine (hence the 12 in 1250, the "50" signifies a hydro) providing it is still Kohler powered, count the head blots, a 10, 12, or 14 HP will have 9 head bolts, a 16 HP will have 10.

Towing capacity; too many variables, tires, added weight, ground conditions, are you pulling a trailer or a sled at the tractor pulls... How much it can pull is one thing, how much it can stop is much more important.

Moving snow also depends on a number of things. First off use turf tires, fill them with liquid add two link tire chains and wheel weights, then you can push a LOT of snow. Narrow front tires or wide tri-ribs will help keep your front end from sliding over when you angle your blade. Hydro's are also the BEST for moving snow... no changing gears, just slam the lever back and forth, go as fast as you want or as slow as you need to.

Side note: In the winter, I have four hydros set up with blades, weights, chains, and loaded tires. My Brother, my Wife, my Daughter and myself have the MOST fun, sometimes we'll push snow all night long, and laugh our fannies off the whole time. Then we'll go get breakfast somewhere... It just doesn't get much better than that!
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Put some chains on your tractor and figure on plowing 8" of fluff OK. Sure you can plow more than that but it's more work.

Wet snow is a lot more work and it'll stick so if possible plow more often if possible. btw we've always plowed with the blade angled off to one side...just say'en.
What are head bolts?
The bolts on the cylinder head.
The 9 or 10 bolts holding the top of the motor on...where the spark plug is.
so do I have to remove something to find the headbolts or are they the bolts on top of the engine?
They should be sitting right there on top of the engine--circling the spark plug,,,
im not seeing them. maybe under the flat plate thing?
im not seeing them. maybe under the flat plate thing?
Yep. You probably have a shroud over them.
and i can just remove that no harm
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