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The new power equipment stinks!

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I own a commercial mowing service, so granted I use this equipment all day everyday. But the last few years I have to say ALL of the blowers and trimmers etc just absolutely suck.

In the mid 1990's I bought a few Shindaiwa T-27s and 25s, they were absolutely incredible. Even then the 27s cost 425 bucks, but were unbeilievably reliable and tons of power, very very smooth.

I got many years use out of those units.

Fast forward to about 2003 and later. Shindaiwa went to **** in a handbasket, so i used some of the new 4 mix Stihl equipment. Blew up one blower and 2 trimmers, thankfully they were under warranty but I had had enough.

Early on with my business I did try Echo trimmers and blowers. Had lots of problems with them....bolts coming out, clutches, etc....then a friend introduced me to Shindaiwa. But that was then.

The past 3 years I have used Red Max, and I like their string trimmers, but the ones i bought this spring are really starting to give me problems. Today the gear box broke in one, it is less than a month old, and the other 2 new ones won't run at all.

All fo this new stuff is garbage imo.
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There is a lot of junk out there but my municipality DPW we run all Stihl equipment and have for decades. You get what you pay for I guess. The low priced homeowner Stihls aren't made as tough as their commercial stuff. I actually think that Stihl quality and design has gotten much better over the years. And much of the older stuff has succombed to the crappy ethanol gas that came out years ago. But I can remember many peices of Stihl equipment that ended up in the parts basket or the dumpster. We use Redmax and Stihl backpack blowers.
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