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The longest Deere Hunt

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When I first joined this site 2 years ago, I started looking at tractors I'd like to own, and I saw a picture of a perfect 455 Diesel that stuck in my memory. I read up on and studied this model and decided I had to have one. Fast forward 2 years and I found one that met all my criteria... honest reasonable price, no more than 1000 hours, and decently maintained. I think I found the one and it arrived on Thursday. I haven't done much to it yet, just changed the oil and buffed it out (god bless Meguiars and Carnuba). The lower hydro control is stuck because the PO used it for mowing only since 2002. I have to go through the deck yet, but it cuts well and is quiet. I also replaced the fuel cap and the rear taillight lenses and I put the reverse pedal upgrade on it. So here is my (1996) new ride...with original paint and 60" deck. She looks OK I think for 17 years old. One unique thing is the hand stitched custom seat.

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Harry, The 455 looks great, congrats. :trink39::trink39:
That model is one of my favorite GTs.

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Harry, you did good,it looks well taken care of,
Like you I have been NEEDING a 332 for years and found mine 2weeks back.
Wow Harry that is sweet! Heck of a find :congrats::congrats:
Harry, Very Nice Find, I like it !:fing32:
Very nice Harry :fing32: Welcome to the red cap club. There are not too many 400 series machines that I see that have the orange marker lights on the front unless they have been replaced I'll bet it was well taken care of.
Congrats, nicely looking Red Cap Tractor!:fing32:
Well, about time -- after teasing us with that red cap in his signature! :)

Harry, Fantastic! That is a beauty of a 455, and AWS to boot! :thThumbsU

I've been giving the 455 some thought lately. I will be really interested to hear how you like this machine, especially given that you are a former X485 owner and have that basis of comparison.
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Very nice Harry! and yes I suspected it as you did leave some clues.You don't see many decks in that good condition at that age.The tractor was well cared for for sure.
Great find Harry!! Real nice machine!! Good luck with it!
Congrats! Love my 455. It can do anything.

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Awesome, an AWS tractor! :fing32: Again, welcome to the red cap club, and good luck with the Yanmar.
Thanks for all of the comments guys, I appreciate it. I will be relying heavily on this forum for help down the road. I am definately a Diesel greenhorn. :hatsoff:
Harry, Very nice! I know the feeling looking and looking for that one tractor that fits every area.
She looks OK I think for 17 years old.
OK????That 455 looks IMMACULATE. Great find, especially with AWS and ag tires. Good luck with her!
Congrats Harry! It looks sharp in the pictures!
I too agree with everyone else. That is a fine looking 455. I love mine.

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Congrats Harry, that 455 is a beast!!! Plus it already has ags!!!!!!
Congrats on the 455 Harry. :fing32: That is a great looking original unit. Enjoy.
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