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The life of my 1970 SS12, for the last week.

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(last Sunday)Starts off with a call from my uncle, the clutch went out on his car. My dad and I towed him home with my dads truck, I towed him into the driveway with the SS12, engine didn't even bog down.

Today, rented a car dolly to tow my uncles car up north to his father inlaws garage. so, grabbed my burban and push the car out of the driveway, put the car on the dolly, than our lovely neighbors blocked us in, unhooked the dolly from the truck (my dads truck) and he pulled out of the spot, than I used the SS12 to pull the car and car dolly out of the spot and to a new spot, got it all hooked up. and ready to go.

Was on our way, climbing a hill on the highway in my dads truck, then the engine took off like a weed whacker, hit 6k rpms. We lost third gear. limped off the highway, lost second gear, made it to a parking lot, was losing first gear. Called a wrecker and made it to my dads preferred shop (not my preferred shop), got home with the car dolly (empty at this point as we left it at the parking lot) so I grabbed my SS12 and hauled it into the driveway.

Now, so far the only reliable thing around is my tractor... My truck is out of commission due to an oil pressure issue, my dads truck is down for the count, my mums car is still picky on when it wants to behave.

So now I know my tractor can pull 4x-5x it's own weight and not even flinch. Any one need a tow?
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I learned the hard way,that a Suburban will pull a 6000 lb GM 4x4 up the incline in my driveway pretty easily--but coming back DOWN it was a near death experience!--the Suburban's brakes worked real good,but I soon found out a 3 ton truck will just skid the tractors rear tires and shove it aside like nothing,when it was time to STOP!...
I thought I was gonna get smooshed between the truck and my garage! stopped just inches away from it...:eek:

Moral of the story is they will TOW heavy things fine--just dont trust them to be able to STOP something heavier than the tractor!...

I remember the day an older friend of mine,that has since passed on, was pulling an engine out of a ford pickup,using a large oak tree branch to hold his chain falls...he tried using the chain falls,but it jammed the chain up inside of it,and it was a good 25 feet up off the ground...his ladder wouldn't go that high,and he wasn't able to climb it anyway..

He wanted the engine out (that was junk anyway) so he could install another good one,and he decided his J-D riding mower might be able to yank it out,using a thick manilla rope,looped over the tree branch...he called me,and asked if I'd come over and help him..I said sure,I'll be there ASAP..

I pulled into his yard just as he was taking the slack out of the rope by driving the tractor worked slick,the engine came right out ,and he figured he'd just keep driving a few more feet,till he was close enough to tie off the rope to another tree,to hold the engine up.....

The engine was about 15 feet off the ground,when the tractor suddenly lost traction,the tires spun,then it slid backwards real quickly!--the engine was swinging side to side,luckily it missed the truck as it crashed to the ground,and my friend and the tractor were left dangling straight down,about 5 feet off the ground!...he was clinging to the steering wheel,and I think his butt cheecks were clenched to the seat!..

I helped him climb off it,and he was shaking--and said nothing,went straight to the fridge in his garage,cracked open a beer,and lit a ciggarette,took a deep drag,and said..."Me and my BRIGHT IDEAS!--Almost KILLED myself that time!"....I cant repeat here the rest of what he said!..he stayed in the garage the rest of the day...

I told him hey--dont be angry--you actually had some good luck!--you lived to tell about it,and the engine IS out of the truck,thats all you wanted to get done toady anyway,right??...:D..then we both laughed for about 10 minutes..
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