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The life of my 1970 SS12, for the last week.

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(last Sunday)Starts off with a call from my uncle, the clutch went out on his car. My dad and I towed him home with my dads truck, I towed him into the driveway with the SS12, engine didn't even bog down.

Today, rented a car dolly to tow my uncles car up north to his father inlaws garage. so, grabbed my burban and push the car out of the driveway, put the car on the dolly, than our lovely neighbors blocked us in, unhooked the dolly from the truck (my dads truck) and he pulled out of the spot, than I used the SS12 to pull the car and car dolly out of the spot and to a new spot, got it all hooked up. and ready to go.

Was on our way, climbing a hill on the highway in my dads truck, then the engine took off like a weed whacker, hit 6k rpms. We lost third gear. limped off the highway, lost second gear, made it to a parking lot, was losing first gear. Called a wrecker and made it to my dads preferred shop (not my preferred shop), got home with the car dolly (empty at this point as we left it at the parking lot) so I grabbed my SS12 and hauled it into the driveway.

Now, so far the only reliable thing around is my tractor... My truck is out of commission due to an oil pressure issue, my dads truck is down for the count, my mums car is still picky on when it wants to behave.

So now I know my tractor can pull 4x-5x it's own weight and not even flinch. Any one need a tow?
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My brakes on the SS12 are toast, barely stop the tractor its self. I avoid any situations where I need to use them.

My mums car just needs rear breaks, it's still drivable.

Dads truck is supposed to be diagnosed by tonight, I believe it's either electrical or the torque converter is toast. I would be doing it in the driveway here but my jack stands can't hold up the weight of the truck safely.

My uncles car was half done by the time we started towing it to my uncles place. When ever he gets it to the shop he's at he will finish it.

My great Grandmum passed away in the beginning of November. Doctors pulled the IV the day we left, said she had a couple hours to live(after we were on the road). We had all just got up to the farm for hunting, got two days of hunting in and my mum and me had to come back down to the cities for the funeral. She was a fighter until the end, first lasted a week longer than expected, than another week, then 3 days longer. She was less than a month from being 95yrs old.

Back towards the end of November I made a website for gathering info on the old Sears stuff, ran out of stuff to do and ended up making myself very busy with it. I'm not finished adding stuff to it, I hope to add more features than whats there. It's a work in progress.

Here's a link if your interested. (not trying to step any toes by posting this)

Here's a picture of our set up that day, can't believe such a light load would cause my dads truck issues. Should have used my Dodge! :fing32:


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Found out the bands in my dads truck went bad, so at 140k miles it needs a new trans. Should be done by Friday we're told. I can't wait for it to be done, I want my truck back so I can work on it some more.

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