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My Grand Cherokee, after being used since new in 2000, need some TLC...
Little minor things I have been putting off....

At least this weekend I'm off-so..I

1. Front differential cover on the AWD housing is seeping grease a bit...No gasket used, it seems--just RTV silicone....(we'll see)

2. R/R wheel makes a clunking noise recently--not all the time--but when brake applies--pull the whell and see what that is....Well, going to rotate tires anyway...

3. Install new spark plugs in the V-8 (4.7 L)..........seems like a bit of
a comlicated job you have to R & R part of the top engine cover...But that's about6 all the tune up you can do!

4. Just a general overall clean up.

This vehicle sits a lot of the time now, as my bride drives the little car on her work schedule, because of the fuel economy, and the people beating up the doors/sides in the parking lots...:banghead3:banghead3
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