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The Infamous "Black Horse" 25th Anniversary edition (picture)

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I thought you would enjoy the photo of my Troy-Bilt Kohler powered Horse tiller!!

It came black from the factory with every option, plus a few special features.

I got it new, and have used it every year since.
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Unfortunately napa here even thought they are just a few miles down the road looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for gl-4. Even had a napa part number for it and they could not use it here
Well, now I know what to smuggle into Canada on my next trip north. Seriously, I am amazed (and saddened)that it is so hard to get specialty lubricants
I used my Troy Horse commercially for about 8 years in northern NJ and northeast PA back in the 1980's. Now the location I mentioned is important, because we only have just enough dirt to fill in the spaces between the rocks. I think my machine is currently wearing it's fifth set of tines. But I would often till 6 to 8 gardens a day on weekends all spring long, with many being new gardens where I had to bust up the sod and packed earth. The Horse model is one of those rare machines that actually did everything that the manufacturer claimed it would do. And that machine paid for itself many times over.

And I'm making a list of stuff to bring with me if I travel to Nova Scotia
1. case of gear oil
2. shotshell wads
3. lead shot
4. Hoppes #9 gun cleaner
5. perogies (for my cousin in Maine)
According to my DNA test, I don't have a drop of eastern European blood in me, but my cousin's family and I developed a taste for perogies when we moved to northeast PA. Lots of Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian folks in the area. He later moved to Maine and claims that perogies and Yuengling beer stop being available at the CT state line (LOL)
Thank you for the reply. I may see what it takes to get it going again to use it myself. The garden here is large and it sounds like this one may be a little more aggressive than my Toro.
The Horse model tiller is an amazing machine. If you use some patience and till like the manual suggests, a little deeper with each pass and not try to go full depth all at once, you can operate the machine with just one hand on the handle bars while walking along side and you can work the soil up to 8" deep. My personal garden back in the day was about 40 feet by 80 feet. The largest customer's garden I ever did was about half an acre (100' x 200'). If you have a garden, I'd recommend getting that tiller up and running. If you add the wrap around bumper, you can add a front blade to it for plowing snow or light grading of loose dirt. And there was a hiller/furrower attachment for the rear that was great to use making raised growing beds. My machine paid for itself several times over doing customer's gardens, and I had fun doing it, but I was in my late 20's age wise.
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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