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The Infamous "Black Horse" 25th Anniversary edition (picture)

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I thought you would enjoy the photo of my Troy-Bilt Kohler powered Horse tiller!!

It came black from the factory with every option, plus a few special features.

I got it new, and have used it every year since.
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Not to change the subject, but what did they have to say about the oil issue or do you have that in another thread?
I also heard pretty much the same concerning it requiring a lot of heat to really have an effect on the yellow metal. Years ago I bought GL-1 oil from McMaster Carr and more recently found GL-1 at a local hardware store made by the Warren Oil Company Inc (Warren Oil Company, LLC - World Class Lubricants - Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Antifreeze, Greases, and more!). I buy their SAE 90W and SAE 140W. I have also seen GL-1 at Tractor Supply labeled for the early Ford Ferguson tractors. Is there a TSC near you?
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Is buying from McMaster Carr expensive for you?
Sure is. Was never like that here. Years ago we were doing well mining coal and every power transmission distributor, bearing manufacturer you could name was set up here which huge inventories. Could get what ever we needed and at great prices Then 17 years ago they closed the mines and with in 3 years poof these companies were gone
I know my brother alone went from two large shipments a month out of west virginia to canada to maybe one a year now
So after that I got what I needed on e-bay and had it shipped usps, then about 6 years ago it seemed they no longer wanted to handle international shipments and their rates went up like 4 times to the extent we can no longer ship from the US
Like $60.25 US to ship that row marker to me is nuts when only a few years ago probally 20 would have done it. I love buying made in USA but cannot afford to ship it
You need a friend across the border. Would that not make it somewhat cheaper or is there a huge import fee? I had a fellow who bought some Rototiller parts from me who lived in Canada and to send it to him in Canada it would have been $40 more. He had a son across the border and only ask that I write a detailed bill of sale for him to take it across the border after picking it up from his son.
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If you have the transmission manual which is available on this forum, it will be fairly easy. I had one completely disassembled and put it back together.
Keep us posted on your progress and what you find different from other T-B Horses.
I guess it really depends on the soil. Didn't an earlier poster say he still has the originals on his tiller?
I got some info from a former Garden Way employee who was in marketing when the Black Horse was made. He called it a "styling and marketing exercise". He mentioned that a Hilller/Furrower and plastic wheel weight shells came with it.

U-Haul tiller: "The U-Haul folks prevented any accidents in reverse by the simple expedient of removing the reverse disc. They also wanted to use the Wisconsin robin engine for conformity with their inventory. That was a sweet little engine, but so light weight that the weight and balance of the horse was not very happy. And then, there was the ugly orange color.
I think things worked out better than we feared, as I don't recall spending any time in court on injury lawsuits. Not sure how many people came away with doubts about the mythical Troy built. And, there were some outlets that rented it with the times on it backwards. I can only imagine the amount of satisfaction by the user." Choppy Wicker
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Choppy was their marketing guy. It was his job to research and develope new ideas. Take a look at the link below.
Marketing Strategy Consultant Albany NY develop small business growth - Crazy Ideas He said that after the 3rd try the company lawyers got wind of what he was doing and put a stop to it. The idea was to have this land in a field and be ready to till. It took three tries to get the balance right so it would not just tumble. The tiller was non-functional (internals removed to lighten it).
On my last trip to Troy I was able to meet Choppy Wicker. Quite an interesting person and I saw some of his ideas in experimental stage at his place.
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