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Part oif the thrill of garden tractors is the hunt. What makes it really worth while is when you get a good hit. Unfortunately, sometimes it cost a lot of money.

This weekend, while on vaction I stopped at an old dealership.

I was able to pickup the following items, which I believe should be pretty rare. They were not cheap, but I had to have them. if they sell, good, if not, I dont really care.

1. a brand new 1981 Wheel Horse C-series 42" mowing deck, complete with mule drive.

2. A brand new tube-frame Bolens 42" mowing deck.

3. Several brand new 42" dozer blades for (I beleive a Q-series) Bolens.

4. A brand new Landlord 42" mowing decks, appears to be from the 60's.

5. A Power King dealership parts manual. Very large. (not forsale)

6. A brand new bagger system for a Bolens, not sure what it fits yet.

7. A John Deere 110 round fender front weight.

8. A Wheel Horse front mounted generator.

Most of this stuff will be listed on eBay tomorrow, yes with reserves and yes with a starting bid of .99.

- joe
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