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The final day for her

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Well I had pulled all the parts i could use and that i could store with out spending bucks to make another shed here. So i took her in to lay her to rest.

They are just getting lined up for the grab here.

Full squeeze on the ole girl here, I think this is when i said to myself. "I should have stuffed it in my trees"

Away she went here. Lots of guys looking at her.. Man it hurt to pull away, Knowing the motor was good but i just had no inside storage for it at this point.:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :sorry1:

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man, that IS sad. i feel for ya buddy.
I'm not one to waste stuff. BUT how do you move a tractor with a stuck tranny and no where to store it out of the weather so parts go rusty.
#1 They will take them with tires on them where you live? luxury.

#2 do I see wheel weights on that yellow wheeled red thing? Oh the humanity.
If its a almost complete tractor they will cause they (this is hard to type) Chop them up..

I am not sure.. I dont recall seeing it.
:'( im sorry. lol.
TG, it appears that you have received "a wee bit of precip" judging from the pictures. I know you were in desparate need of some your way. I guess it always helps, but maybe not soon enough for crops and hay? We are finally getting a good bit up here too, although we were not quite as dry as you were previous. I could never let my old AR see those pics.
Take care,

Well... you did what you had to do! It was sad but in reality... you just made room for another "special find" coming soon. :sidelaugh
My condolences . . .
Yes Jake we are finally getting rain, but its a month late for the farmers. BUT it is helping the garden out.

Ya-Ya Shhhhhh dont tell the game plan to the other side (the wife) .....
That is so sad brings a tear to my eye:crybaby:
"The old man gathered the remains of his prestigious award and headed off to the back yard, i could have sworn i heard the gentle sound of taps playing in the background "
Brings tears to the eyes, but as said before. I hope your next find is totally awesome.
:crybaby: :banghead3 why did I have to look at this post, i'll be thinking about it all day long now!
Oh man, just so sad...... :fing20:
So of course NOW i get the phone call.. Some fella down by Camrose needs some gears outta the transmission. I could hear his heart break when i said where it was.
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