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The Collection

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Quite a list here. This is my buddy Andys collection which I frequently help him with and also add to and take away from sometimes lol. His wife is not too happy with it and calls them old "junk" but we see the value in them. Mostly Sears and Roper with a few oddballs thrown in the mix. Tons of attachments which I wont list every single one but I can include the cool ones. I don't believe I have a photo of every single tractor so I will type out a list and then attach photos of what I have. Some run, one is restored, a couple repainted ones, and some rare ones. We have been as far as Michigan for some of these and quite a few have come from this area. We have even bought some out of the scrap yards. It's an addiction alright, quite severe with no signs of a cure. But we are helping these old tractors find good homes here with a bright future ahead of them. Anyway thats enough chatter, heres the list.

Also, I am not trying to brag about all this but I would like other enthusiasts and collectors to see and enjoy the photos.

Sears Suburban 12 (X2)
Sears SS/15
Sears Hydro Trac 12
Sears 10XL
Sears ST/12 (X2)
Sears ST/16 (X2)
Sears SS/16 (X5)
Sears 16/6 (X2)
Sears 18/6 (X3)
Sears GT/11 Varidrive (X2)
Sears GT/16 Varidrive (X2)
Sears GT/18 Single
Sears GT/18 6 speed (X2)
Sears GT/18 Hydrodrive (X3)
Sears GT/19.9 (X4)

Roper RT-14 (X2)
Roper 16T (X3)
Roper RT-16T (X2)
Roper Hydro 13

20+ 3-pt. hitches. Mostly short handle, 3 light duty, 4 or so long handle (one Roper tag) and 8 or so electric lift models (most Roper tagged).
Sickle bar mower
3 pt. tiller
Tote box
Front and rear blades
More mower decks than we cared to count 40+ at least
38 mule drives
5 or more moldboards both big and small
3 or 4 middle buster plows
3 discs
1973 Sears tow behind cart
David Bradley 3 pt planter
1970's Sears tractor jack
6 spare Onan engines (16-25HP)
8 or more spare Tecumsehs
12 or so Kohlers including a NOS Magnum 16
10 Briggs of all kinds
Nice nearly new unbroken nose cones
NOS Tecumseh SSI ignitions
New gas tanks

That is all I can remember off the top of my head, I am sure that I am forgetting things. We took an inventory just the other day but I don't have the list. But anyway that is most of what is in the collection, here's a few photos. I do apologize about the weeds in some photos, we recently moved tractors around and mowed but I have not taken many recent photos.

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Big salute to Master Andy!
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