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What do you think is the all time best looking pick up ever??? My vote goes to the '67 Chevy. Second place goes to a late '40s- early 50s Dodge.
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definately 67 chevy
46 Chevy with the waterfall grill.
I favor the 57 chevy and no it is not mine.


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The 41 ford pu that I had.

The tri five Chevys were real pretty.......especially the Cameos
79 Ford Bronco/F series. What a truck!!!
I guess I don't really have an opinion, but I do like the 41 Dodge shown above!

Speaking of '67 Chevy's....

I used to own this one, and sold it to my little brother who did this restoration 15 years after I did it the first time. He has since sold it. Not even sure where it is anymore...
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The 41 dodge up there^^, the late 60's early 70;s chevys, the fords with the big F O R D under the hood, the late 70's fords and the 70's and early to mid 80's dodges. oh and the jeep Jtrucks with the rhino grill.
I liked the clean looks of the stock '87 F-250 4X4 I had. 460 4 speed.

1985 F150 Ford 4x4 long box. Very well proportioned and nice and square. Although the interior was a bit plain. Still have one of these waiting for me to withdraw some time from the time back to redo. Would love to do it up with a 5.4 cammer and the OD tranny.
I liked the '56 Chevy 3200 series I had best..ones with chrome grills look even better,and in black!..with the dinky "oven" rear window!..the Cameo's were real classy rigs too..

I like the '67 Chevy pickups,my brother had one with the dinky back window ..but I liked his '63 K20 a lot more,similar to the red one pictured abouve!..the 61-66 GM pickups are my second favorite looking trucks,but I have yet to own one,always wanted one but its rare to see one here,especially a 4x4 that aint a rotbox..

I had 3 K5 Blazers of 1971 and 1972 vintage though,and a '71 K10 Suburban,which also are very nice looking trucks..and several 1973-82 GM trucks,that are also classics..

I liked the El-Camino's I had too--had a 1980 "Royal Knight" edition one with a 267 V-8 and a 2:56 posi,had the "dragon" decal on the hood,dark metallic blue..also had a 1982 GMC Cabalerro with a 229 V-6,it was a copper mettalic and was a sweet looker..(the 267 V-8 in my '80 went better and got more MPG though!)..I also had a 1979 El-Camino ,white,but I couldn't get the title for it so I gave it back to the guy I got it from after sitting in my yard for 6 months!-the deal was I'd only buy it if he got the title,so I lost nothing,thankfully..

One truck I liked the looks of ,was one a local state hospital's maintenence dept. had--it was a 1967 Kaiser Jeep "M" series 1-1/4 ton pickup ,that they put a 327 Chevy from a vette into,and installed a wrecker unit in the bed,that thing looked MEAN,and could tow anything they hooked onto,no sweat!..

The truck I'd like to have most now?..I'd say,a 1961 GMC K-20 Stepside 4x4,the one with the "eyebrows" on the hood,with a 409 in it,4 speed or a Clark 5 speed if any still exist!(but I'd settle for a 235 six if I had too)..Cherry Red or Aliis-Chamlers Orange,if you please!..:D
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on looks alone, I'd have to vote for 69-71 Dodge or '56-66 Chevy; for tough, "daily grind" dependability, my vote HAS to go to Dodge, "whiney" starter and all; (I have never owned anything else; though I did go back 14 years in my last 2 trucks; I sold my 97 to buy my current '83; (I bought the 83 for ~1/3 of what I sold the 97 for) and I was an alignment guy and overall "under car tech" as they call it nowadays for 18 years; I LOVED the Fords, once they changed from king pins to balljoints; made it easier to keep my kid fed, for sure!
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I had a 2000 Dodge half ton. Nice enough looking. Real comfortable ride. Had to have the rearend rebuilt 3 times. Got rid of it. I thought the brakes were unimpressive, too.
I'm not sure I could pic just "one best looking truck". I seem to like a lot of them.
Being from England I have to say it would be a LandRover series two truck cab.

But I do like that '41 Dodge.:thThumbsU
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