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Very excited to start this new topic because it may mean a new machine in the fleet. I'm just a homeowner looking for a stand on mower that's exceptional on hills. I am planning to expand my yard from .5 acre to about a full acre this spring and I don't think I'm going to want to push mow it for long once summer hits. My back yard and front yard are both pretty steep. I've used a John Deere x590 for a season and it did OK but sold it so that I could get a SCUT to handle the rest of the property which is a few acres. I now use a 30" DR SP30 for the front and back and it does just fine but I'm wondering if a stand on may be the way to go once I expand next year. Who wants to walk anyway?

I'm sure there won't be one definitive choice, especially from commercial guys, but does anyone have the same or near experience to what I am describing? I am not even sure that I want to shell out $7 or $8k for a 36" stand on when it'll realistically only take another 30 minutes or so to mow after I expand but it's been crossing my mind these last few months while mowing when it's 105 degrees, 60% humidity outside (Texas) and I've just walked up and down hills for an hour.

And a big question: is there any stand on mower than will cut on a hill as well as my push mower? I'm totally fine with a big NO there but I'd hate to spend that kind of cash and stand at the side of the yard with a cold one thinking "boy that just looks terrible" or "I guess it's ok, except for that spot there and oh that spot there..." I'm betting this is a good question for commercial guys that frequently mow with both.

I'm very much looking forward to your responses! Later fellas!
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