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The 4X8 Is Finnaly Almost Done (PICS)

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Ok I know I been posting up the little fix its here and there but now finnaly on the home stretch

New rear "bumper" piece
New 3/4 Marine Floor
6 1,000 tie downs
New 2500LB (total) springs
New 2500LB hubs
New 5.70 - 8 Load Range "D" Tires/Wheels
New Jack
Old Tire as a spare
Fliped axle to lower
Made a rise on the tongue to it would tow level
New Coupler
New Clear LED Lights
New Wires

All thats left is to build some different sides ..... Any Suggestions??
Also waiting on the spare tire cover to come in

Even got some of the storage tire covers like for the motorhome but to fit the trailer, save them from the sun

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Very nice looking trailer.
I am assuming you painted it also ? Can I ask what you used to paint it ?

I will be painting my trailer in the spring and I plan on using Rust-O-leum professional enamel with hardener. I have used the same paint in the spray can form before but it was not as hard as I wanted it to be and got scratched easily.

I just finished painting the ramps for it in the garage using the brush on type paint with a little hardener added. It seems to be much harder but also much glossier than the spray can version.

On all the sides I have built for trailers I have used pressure treated wood. I have been using the 1x treated wood instead of the decking. It is usually plenty strong and it is about 40% lighter. I will through bolt into the 2x4 that sits in the stake pockets. I use carriage bolts that I hammer in so they seat and nylock nuts on the outside. That way it never comes loose and it will last until the wood rots out eventually.

On a side note I did notice that you have the 3 light marker light on the rear. I doubt you will ever have any problems with it, but they are actually reserved to indicate that a trailer is over 80" wide.
You may get in trouble with a wide trailer that is missing the lights, but I don't think anyone will complain about it being on one that does not need it.
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