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The 4X8 Is Finnaly Almost Done (PICS)

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Ok I know I been posting up the little fix its here and there but now finnaly on the home stretch

New rear "bumper" piece
New 3/4 Marine Floor
6 1,000 tie downs
New 2500LB (total) springs
New 2500LB hubs
New 5.70 - 8 Load Range "D" Tires/Wheels
New Jack
Old Tire as a spare
Fliped axle to lower
Made a rise on the tongue to it would tow level
New Coupler
New Clear LED Lights
New Wires

All thats left is to build some different sides ..... Any Suggestions??
Also waiting on the spare tire cover to come in

Even got some of the storage tire covers like for the motorhome but to fit the trailer, save them from the sun

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Looks nice! I run load range D tires in the same size on one of my trailers, too. No worrying about if they are overloaded.

If it were me, I think I'd trim down the bolts holding the coupler onto the tongue. I can feel my shins bleed just looking at them.
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Two other small things I noticed - sorry if I'm nitpicking.

You have rubber valve stems in the rims. They're only rated for 60 psi, so if you want to run the tire pressure higher than that you'll need to replace them with metal bolt-in style stems. I used them on mine and they are easy to install.

If it were me, I'd flip your safety chain hooks over where they attach to the receiver. Now, they are bouncing against the safety latches but if you hook them from the bottom up rather than the top down they will ride on the closed side of the hook and be less likely to pop off if the latch were to fail.

What are you looking for as far as different sides? Solid, lower than you have now, or something else?
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