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The 10525 Runs Again!

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My 10525 has been out of commission for a while now - robbed parts off it for quick repairs to other "for sale" DF mowers. Well, thanks to grn68rt and some parts from him, the 10525 runs again. Just finished cutting with it as a matter of fact and let me tell you - I've always been a fan of the F-Series (6431 Owner) mowers and had originally planned to sell this 10525, but after cutting with it again today I decided I'm going to grow old with that mower. The gator blade makes the grass disappear. It's like I'm mowing with an invisible bagger that never fills up! Gotta love a mower that make cutting grass enjoyable!

So, thanks for the parts Dave!
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Congrats on getting it going again. I've got two 10525's and use them regularly. Haven't put a gator blade on either one yet. Heard many good things, might hafta break down a get a couple.
Glad you got it going, they are great mowers you are going to like it.:trink40:
no better grass cuttung combo tha lawmboy/gator
You're welcome! Thanks for the business and I hope that you continue to enjoy that three speed. Best Lawnboy made, either in f or df form IMO.
Sounds like a sweet mower! Glad to hear its running again!
I gotta try one of these Gator blades one of these days. I haven't had any complaints about the original Lawn-Boy blades though.
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