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that's all there is

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Tractor is scheduled for the shop tomorrow. Probably there 2 weeks. Cut grass extra short tonight. Hit a big rock. Bent the __________ out of the deck. This is all that's left!

Well, not really, but that's what I told my wife. Amazingly, she didn't hear the huge clunk and the stop of the tractor, then a LOT of pounding (with the back side of an axe-the biggest thing I own to bend metal) because the blades hit...

so, I left it for the pros tomorrow and fired up the self propelled. After 1/2 hour and not even 1/16 of our yard, I was done. Not because the grass was cut, but so I would still be alive. (note, not dying was an option, NOT moving to a condo or something!)

Some enchanted evening this was.

Now that I got that off my chest, I'll be posting for advice on another thread...

Thanks friends!

p.s. the photo is the part under the blower chute I ended up twisting off because it was stuck up inside the deck.


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A little J.B. weld and some elbow grease and you have it back to original condition! (well trying to keep a positive spin on it for you!) Sorry 'bout the damage to the deck. Time to invest in a 2 lb. hammer and a large crescent wrench. Hope the pro's get you all set up again!
Yeah, you definitely need to invest in a proper BFH.
A BIG hammer and some duct tape and it will be good as new. Remember, you can tell the quality of the craftsmanship by the smoothness of the duct tape.
lol! True-with a big enough hammer and duct tape, you can fix darn near everything! :)
If it can’t be fixed with duct tape and a hammer, you have an electrical problem.
Then, you restart the computer!
Did the same thing with my Wheelhorse when the deck nose wheel caught on roots. Took it off and beat it out with a 4lb hammer. Back on and away we went.
The self inflicted pain of mowing to close. Not good for the grass or the mower. At least it do not throw parts of what ever it hit at you.
The self inflicted pain of mowing to close.
Not necessarily. I bent mine with the deck all the way up. Silver maple roots stick way up.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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