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Texas horse girl

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Hello! I joined this forum in hopes of gaining knowledge and getting advice as it relates to managing my new-to-me tractor. :) I recently purchased a Ford 601 Series Workmaster (I suspect 641 but still can't find that serial number!). Its a 4-speed with PTO, which makes me think 641. I have a brush hog now but ultimately bought it to help me out around the ranch. The gentleman that sold it to me assured me it could handle lifting smaller round bales (~800-900 lbs) but the more research I do, the less I'm sure about it. But, I figure I can always get a hay-dolly worst case. It runs great, has been converted to 12V, and so far- no major issues except a small oil leak I need to look in to. 3 point works, PTO works, its manual steering but not too bad- has counterweights on front already. Nifty little tractor.

I am a farrier by trade, but mechanically experienced I am not. But I'm a learner and I've taught myself how to do most things (including my job). However, I have unfortunately experienced many scenarios where my being a single woman has led me to being taken advantage of. It could even be the case here with this tractor but I hope not. When I got my old '97 Chevy diesel truck, I let a mechanic talk me in to spending way too much to get it 'fixed up'. I recently bought a small ranch and between the plumber, the electrician, and the roofer- I have been burned left and right just because I don't know any better (until after the fact). So, I'll be derned if I am going to let any of that continue. Hence buying an older tractor that seems a little easier to work on, straight forward, and seems to have parts semi-readily available. Fingers crossed I didn't make a huge mistake.

Tried to post photos-- not sure why they rotated.


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Welcome to MTF! You've got the job that I would really enjoy doing - working with horses. It's a shame though that people try to cheat you just because you're a single woman. I don't see much "chivalry " or respect in that.

As for your tractor, start a new thread in the proper section, post your questions and somebody will help you.

Enjoy the site!
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Welcome to MTF Texas Horse Girl..

I had a 1958 (?) Ford 641 with a "pipe frame" loader years down pressure,but it could lift about 1200 lbs--maybe more if I could have kept the rear end from coming off the ground!..I had calcium filled tires too,but I feared the pipes might just fold up if I tried raising the hydraulic pressure any more...

The 3 point hitch on it was pretty strong,I put a 55 gallon drum half full of cement on it for added counterweight,that must have weighed about 1000 lbs...before that I used a wood pallet with a blown up 4.1 Jeep straight six for weight,which probably weighed about 700 lbs,and it lifted it like nothing..

The photos often upload "rotated" here for some unknown reason,it isn't something you did wrong..happens to everyone it seems..just some glitch I guess..

As for being taken advantage of because your a single woman,don't think its only women that get taken advantage of--Us guys get taken too...

I am in the process of finding a roofer or contractor to do my 41 year old house's roof over,and it seems every roofer will only do a complete tear off,not just do the one side with the leaks--I am on a fixed income and don't have $6000 --and they want to add a ridge vent,when the house has 5 metal vents and no ventilation issues,that adds $1000 to the cost--and the last quote I got ,the guy was going to use felt paper,not the better synthetic underlayment..the estimate ?..$6000 ,and that is if there is no decking needing to be replaced..5 year warranty on the labor...if any decking is rotted,add another $2000..(and I have a few dozen sheets of plywood if it is needed!)..

This is the 3rd or 4th roofer I've had come give an estimate,and they all seem to want $6000,and wont do just the "worst" part for less,unless I pay $4500 for doing 1/4 of a hip roof!..(and NO guarantee !)..
Most of the roofers here either want to only do new homes being built,not old ones that may have rot,etc--they have plenty of work,many new homes going up around here,so I'm last on their list,and they want top dollar..and though I could opt to hire someone who isn't licensed and insured for a lot less,most of those types are druggies and my insurance wont cover any future damage unless a licensed & insured contractor does the work..

I'd prefer a metal roof,that could be placed right over the old roofing,save the cost of a dumpster and the labor to strip off the old roofing..but metal roofing isn't very popular up here in MA yet,the few contractors who install it get top dollar--cheapest quote I got 3 years ago was nearly $10,000..when I can buy the metal roofing to do the whole house for less than $2000...meanwhile,my ceilings are getting ruined by the leaks..:(

Finding a mechanic that wont gouge you to death here isn't easy either..that is why I try to do as many of my own repairs as possible..
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This video may help you identify what your tractor is..
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