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Testing charging car & mower batteries?

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In the basement I have over 1 dozen car and mower batteries on the cement floor along a wall. I need to test them to see which ones are good, bad or chargeable. I have an automatic charger and an electronic voltage tester. Should I just test each one as they sit or charge first or? Some have been in storage for over 5 years. Where they sit on the floor is on one side of the landing of the stairs. On the opposite side of the stairs on this same basement floor are the water heaters which were new about 3-5 years ago. I'm concerned about vapors creeping over to the pilots on the water heaters. Maybe I could have a fan blowing on the batteries as they charge to dissapate the vapors?
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Take the batteries in for recycling.
Storing batteries on concrete poses no harm to a battery.
There can be ambient temperature changes between the concrete
& battery,therefore creating a oultline mark.
Having a lead acid battery explode on its own is very rare.
Warmer off season storage can speed up the natural discharge rate
per day 1%- 5% depending upon final ambient tempreature.
The best rule of thumb is
Our Automotive/tractor batteries naturally discharge,
After 30 days a Top up charge should be performed.
Check water levels (If available),Do not overfill.Using a Hydrometer
will aid in each individual cell state of charge & is a excellent tool
for locating dead cells.
Keep the battery clean,Top,Sides,front,Back & especially the bottom.
Clean the terminals.
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