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Woke up this morning to a little surprise. I secure my temporary tractor tent in it's winter location by bungie cords and rope. In back the bungies are fastened to a stump. In front the tent is secured to a basketball pole on one side and a 55 lb wheel weight on the other. I use rope with bungie shock absorbers.

I heard the wind overnight, but that's not unusual. This is.

Here's what the tent is supposed to be covering:

It must have broken free, flown up like a kite and landed here, because there is not a scratch on the tractors:

From the other side:

Here's the end of one of the bungies:

I found the wheel weight thrown in the woods about 15 feet from the tent:


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Well, the important thing is that the tractors don't look damaged.

I guess you can't complain too much (oh, wait, I've known you for 3 years now, yes you can :ROF), as you've gotten several good years out of it.

Frame doesn't look too damaged from what I can see.

Take some advice from a southerner, and go get yourself some mobile home anchors.

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That is why I have not ever put the tarps on the two frames I got from a friend a few years ago,when he moved to a trailer park--I have had poor luck with "tent" garages,either a tree branch punctures the tarp within weeks of installing it,or the wind shreds the tarps into a billion strings overnight,no matter how good I attached them...
I guess thats why they call them "temporary"...our area gets 60+ mph winds quite often too,and since they chopped a lot of trees down to put up new car dealerships and Walmart nearby,I think the winds come thru my yard with more force than they ever did now...I have seen the metal roof & wall on my lean-too shed thats just sitting on cinder blocks rise a good 6" off the ground while I was under it last summer ,when a thunderstorm blew thru here ,with 60 mph gusts!...I got the **** out from under it in a hurry I'll tell you!..:eek:..I have since anchored the wall with metal fence posts driven into the earth!..

I never had a tent garage blow over or away though,like yours did..I drove some pipes 3 feet into the ground with a sledge hammer,to anchor mine too...or tied the pipes off to one of the tractors or other heavy object inside it, to hold it down...

I got an old above ground pool I took down and I was planning to use the sheet metal off it as metal roofing for the tent frames and use OSB board I have for the sides,instead of putting the tarps on them again--never found the ambition or money to go buy wood strapping to put across the pipes so I could screw the roofing onto the frames...the "skeletons" of the tent garages are erected and screwed together,but thats as far as I got...for all the effort involved adding wood to the flimsy pipes,and installing the metal roofing,I may as well just build a shed from lumber ,it'd be easier in the end,and wont have any wind problems either...

I'd like to have the extra storage space,so I could ease the clutter in my garage---but more space means I'll likely fill it with more junk I drag home!---and I'm discouraged about doing any "improvements" to the yard lately--I feel any labor & money I spend would be wasted,since I'll be forced out of here when my mother passes on,and that might not be too far off,judging by the way she sounds lately..I must keep on getting RID of things,otherwise it'll kill me when its time for all of it to go..not collect more!..

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OUCH, been there and done that. From what I have found, the white tarps last about a year, the silver nearly 2. It has been suggested to find a billboard company and see if they will give you a used heavy tarp billboard. Lot thicker than tarps, billboard company cant reuse them, and might give it to you so they don't have to pay to take it to the dump

On my second temp. i used 6" HDPE corrugated pipe 12-18" long burried flush with the dirt (all at the same height though) put in the proper location. Used the feet with bolts for a template and poured the bolts into the concrete creating a pier. Assembled the Temp, 4 years later and I know some 70+ wind gusts and she hasn't moved a bit.
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