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Tell me about my new Echo SRM-225

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Hey guys. Over the weekend I scored a gently used Echo SRM-225 weedeater in a pawn shop for cheap. According to the sticker it was made in 2007. I used it yesterday and its really nice, surprisingly quiet and plenty of power. Are these good machines in general? Any known problems? It appears to have one of those fixed adjustment carburetors. How well do they hold up?
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I bought mine over a year ago and put it thru **** clearing the area around the house I had just bought. Bought a bush blade for it and was cutting brush you could almost call small trees. It's tough as nails and doesn't miss a beat, starts on the second pull and less than 1/4 pull when warm. Only complaint I have is it'll sometimes bust off the string but I can live with that as it's not a common occurance.
Here's a link to the manuals ....Mike
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