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The old Tecumseh cast iron engines have a solid state ignition / SSI module while good when new they are now 40+ years old and when they fail there is no OEM replacement available. There are a number of fellows with instructions for DIY replacements and there is one replacement that is pretty much a plug and play system.
For those who like tinkering and doing things themselves there is Ed Stroler's system using automobile parts, a Mopar control module an automotive coil and either a self made trigger coil or one that Ed sells.
This system works and is perhaps the least expensive way to go. Here's a link to Ed's web site:
Another system is Dale Colvert's Overnight Solutions system, this is pretty much a plug and play system particularly for the later version engines with the alternator / stator. Dale's Link: Home
I purchased a OH160 Tecumseh 16 hp engine this engine was OH'd but didn't have the SSI module with it so I researched the options and for me the Overnight Solutions system made the most sense to me.
Installing this ignition system is easy and straight forward For the most part I'm writing this for the later engines with a gear starter. The starter / gen models require more steps but can be converted to this kit.
1. Remove the fan blower housing and then the bad SSI module, no need to remove the flywheel

2. Lay out the new ignition kit with instructions

3. Install the mounting bolts, the trigger unit next slip the circuit board / coil unit behind the trigger unit. The charge wire from the stator is connected to the connector on the upper left hand corner of the coil unit the trigger wire is connected to the circuit board, now snug up the RH mt bolt just enough to hold the trigger unit in place but allowing it to move.

4. now set the air gap between the trigger and the long pin on the flywheel. Set the air gap at 0.010" using a feeler gauge next tighten the mounting bolts.

5.For the most part the ignition module is installed, next step it testing the unit, the best way is to use a spark tester tool, I like the adjustable type , crank the engine over with the starter (leave the spark plug out for now) and check the spark, with spark confirmed the installation is complete install the spark plug and plug lead.

6. Dale recommends that a diode be installed in the switch wire going to the ignition switch to prevent a voltage back feed to the module circuit board, any voltage will destroy the circuit board. One of the benefits of this system is that individual components can be replaced but why take a chance.
100_0180.JPG 100_0181.JPG

7. This is the engine with lower hosing reinstalled, everything fit perfectly, I connected a temporary fuel tank and started the engine if start up almost immediately and ran nice I am very happy with this installation.

For those with the older HH100 , HH120 engines with a starter / generator Dale have a HET module that looks simple enough to install per his instructions, this installation does require removal of the flywheel and the installation of a Bosch coil and an ignition switch.
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