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Here is what is going on. The saw will start and run but will never get up to the max RPM's. Then after running for sometime it is hard to start. Thinking it just need a tune up.

You have to forgive me I have zero experence with any repair work on chainsaws. My father-in-law gave me the unit and it runs but real ruff. Was thinking I would try the basic stuff then get into the carb if needed. I got a chance to look over the chainsaw (McCulloch PM605 3.4ci) today. What I need is a new plug (dj8j Champ), maybe 2. The air cleaner is a mess so I need a new one. Plus a new blade. What other information do you need. Thanks in advance for your help.
it dont want to start after it warms up and is shut down ?? does it fire up when you start it cold ?

sounds like to me a possible ignition problem a new blade you referring to a new chain or new bar ?

how old is this saw ?

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