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Tecumseh ignition module

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I have a Sears ST 16 with the Tecumseh engine. The ignition module is defective and a replacement is not available. Is there a kit that will replace it?

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I used Overnight Solutions conversion. It was extremely easy to install.

It's not original, but I don't have the correct engine in the tractor, so it wasn't real important to me.

The Tecumseh engine, was the AMC of tractors. They used parts from anybody and everybody. When I ordered my kit from Overnight, he wanted to know if the pickup was on the inside or outside of flywheel.
Hi adr, what is the cost of the conversion, glad to hear it was an easy drop in and works good.
Thanks much, adr that's a reasonable price to keep an engine running.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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