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Tecumseh HS50 help

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I am working on a HS50 (5hp) Tecumseh on a MTD snowblower for a friend. It has been setting since last winter and when he went to get it ready for use this year it was leaking gas at the carb. I removed the cover and found it had a hole in the gas line. Replaced the line and thought all was fine. Then found out it had no spark. Points and condenser (inside flywheel) later and I had spark. Then had to remove and clean carb. (Found out he had let it set outside in the weather all summer.) I have gotten the engine to run, but the problem is it will only idle, if you try to advance the throttle it wants to die. It will only start at idle and will run about 1 minute then die. What am I doing wrong or what have I missed.
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You have an obstruction in the "high speed circut" The engine will idle just fine because it is getting fuel through the low speed circut.

Think of it like like a freeway.... you can drive down the right hand lane, but you get get on the express lane because there is an "obstruction" aka accident so until you clean the high speed nozzle and jet you will continue to have this problem.

I have said this many times before, always check on the price of carb replacement BEFORE starting a rebuild. Many times you can get a new replacement carb for under 50 bucks retail. More times then not you end up trying to put a kit in the carb only to find out a couple hours later you need to still replace the carb.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to clean the carb it just wont work right.

In your case however..if you would replace the high speed nozzle and adjut it out about 1 1/2 turns you should be able to run your engine at high speed. It may hunt and surge, which is yet another problem.

FWIW... No fire on these and the 6.0 hp series is often an indicater that the magnets have fallen off inside the flywheel.
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