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I recently inherited a Troy Bilt Horse tiller with a Tecumseh HH60 engine on it. It had been stored in a collapsed outbuilding for a number of years so it was in rough shape. I've spent the past few weeks cleaning up the engine.

So far I've:

- Changed the oil, 19 oz of SAE-30
- Removed the flywheel to clean the points due to lack of spark
- Replaced spark plug
- Cleaned the carburetor and replaced bowl gasket, and inlet screw
- Replaced fuel line
- Replace the muffler

So tonight I got the carb reassembled and put back on the engine (it had been leaking gas). After a few minutes it started leaking gas again :banghead3 but I decided to try to get the engine to start anyway.

Before I started pulling the gas leak off the carb was much slower, 1 drip every 30 seconds or so. After I started to turn the engine over it increased to about 1 drip every 3 seconds.

Anyway, after 3 pulls the engine started up (Yay :trink39:). It was fully choked as expected. I got on the throttle and started taking the choke off. The engine was running really rough with the choke on but once I had the choke fully off it settled into a very slow "Putt-Putt-Putt".

The engine putted for about 30 seconds while I fiddled with the carb screws then died out. I started it again and it ran only for 10-15 seconds this time. Then it wouldn't start at all.

I reset the carb screws full in then back out 1-1.5 turns. And tried again, nothing.

Pulled the plug, new plug is black and very wet, dripping actually. Put it against the housing and turned the engine over, really nice consistent spark.

Stuck my pinky in the plug seat and turned the engine over, blew my pinky out of the seat no problem.

So I have spark and compression. I gave the engine a half hour or so to "dry-out" then went at it again, this time with the battery and electric start. Turned the engine over for 15-20 second intervals, didn't even fire.

I'm hopeful that I can get back to it tomorrow and it will run again. That or I'm just flooding the plug although I did try a shot of starter fluid to no avail.

One note, I don't have the air cleaner on the intake.

Right now I'm thinking:
- Sheared flywheel key?
- Flooding the plug?

Beyond those two I'm pretty stumped and pretty :banghead3

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Quote:pulled the plug, new plug is black and very wet, dripping actually.

There's the answer. Your float is not choking off the fuel supply, and the engine doesn't like gas THAT much. Check the needle & seat, inspecting with a magnifying glass if necessary. Either it is jamming or it will not seal. Sometimes the rod the float mounts on can make the float difficult to move, leading to flooding.
The second symptom is the dripping fuel. Carbs are not supposed to leak. You have a problem that lead to the engine not running.
Spark,fuel, air. Too much or too little of one makes for problems.

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Flaot might be sinking,getting gas in it thru a pinhole too...common on old brass ones in carbs that sat a long one is needed,soldering one usually wont work ,makes it too heavy...spark plug might have to be changed,sometimes once one gets gas washed it refuses to fire in the engine,though it may appear to spark just fine outside of the combustion chamber!..

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Thanks for the responses guys, here's an update.

Spent a few hours this morning replacing the rest of the components for the carb rebuild. New needle, seat, needle wire, various other gaskets.

Put the carb back on, still leaking gas.

I start adjusting the float tab, in effect pushing the needle higher and higher. No avail. I'm also verifying that the needle hanger wire is pointing at the choke side as I've seen multiple sources say it matters. Still leaking gas....

Anyway, had another tecumseh engine laying around on an old chipper, has the same carb but looks to be in much better condition. Get a new carb rebuild kit, replace gaskets and screws and needle, great. Pick the float up after soaking it in degreaser, give it a shake, rattler rattle rattle :Disgus: Can't catch a break. Get the float from the old carb and swap it in.

Slap the "newish" carb on the engine, of course the linkage connections don't match but I can fix those later. Give it a few pulls and it starts up fully choked.

Runs rough choked, lots of back firing and having to manage easing off the choke, throttle and govenor by hand was fun. Took a few tries but I got the motion down to where I could un-choke it by hand. The sputtering decreases as I get to idle and right before I let off the throttle and let it idle it sounds like it really wants to run. I then open the choke and drop the throttle to where the idle screw is set. Then it dies. Did this a few times before calling it a day.

I'm pretty sure I've got to play with the set screws on the carb and rig up my throttle/govenor linkage to run with the new carb. Having trouble finding linkage diagrams for the tecumseh HH60 on a Troy-Bilt horse, anyone have any good references?

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