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TC25 - Safety Start Relay? (where is it)

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I was doing a little brush work this evening with my TC25. Jumped back on and she wouldn't restart. No key click, no turning over. Good indicator of power and glow plug heat.

Checking at the starter, the solenoid isn't being triggered. I wasn't using the PTO, just the FEL. Per the manual, there is a "safety start relay" which prevents the starter from turning unless the PTO and mid-PTO (not equipped) are both OFF and the transmission is in neutral.

I rocked the PTO, transmission.. No change.

I ended up hotwiring the solenoid to get the tractor back into the barn.

I'd like to be able to check out the safety start relay itself... Only I have absolutely no idea where the darn thing is.... Anyone have an idea or suggestion?
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The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago after I was doing brush work. I would check under tractor at the rear- there are a couple of bullet type wiring connectors under the left fender that can come apart. My experence with those is, if they come apart while running it stays running till turned off then it won't restart. I found that some branch had caused the disconnect. The #2 fuse has been the bane of existence for many TC owners. I always check it even though I installed a circuit breaker fuse. What you did with the hot wire ruled out the seat safety relay switch. The neutral safety relay is under the left fender, its possible that the "contact lever/rod" (my descriptor) overran the contact switch on the relay. The only other safety relay I can think of is the emergency brake relay- does your parking brake light go on? I have to add that I am no mechanic; but I have had a few problems with safety relays on occassion. I have had my dealer do a "house call" once for one of my safety relay problems. You appear much better at mechanics than I, but I hope this helped to some degree.
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