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Greetings. I have a that runs great, except I noticed some extreme play in the tines when I finished a pretty tough job. Like most of you, I tore into the gearbox (MTD 753-06063) to find out WTH. Sure enough, the spiral gear was very loose at the input cable side and a boatload of metal chunks in the case grease. See attached PIK.

So I'm asking all of you experts out there if you have a breakdown of the gearbox that could identify what broke?

Yes, I'm positive exact replacement parts are not available, and I'm required to buy a new $100 + gearbox., but I'll pass thank you.
Some of the metal chunks looks like a washer and retaining ring of some sort.. ?

Please advise.! Thank you in advance.


ps To me, this sounds like an owner right to repair issue. EH??

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